Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Final Thoughts

So here I am one last time. I haven't been able to come on here since my last post. Simply because it was so hard to look at the pictures and read through what we had gone through. It was one year ago on Feb. 24. The day came and went as uneventful as any day. Of course the thought of our "pal" was on our minds but never really discussed. A month later we had to put our cat down. She was going to be 14 years old this August. I never would have guessed the events of this past year and a half. I do feel as though I must submit some kind of finale of Sam's life. All of our lives changed once we arrived in California. What he really enjoyed was of course swimming in the ocean. That dog just knew where we were and what was about to happen as we turned the van into the parking lot at the beach. The funny thing was, he wasn't excited about playing with the other dogs, he just loved to get wet and see the people! Fortunately we met a fantastic dog sitter after we moved here. She was his second mom. At times she would call and ask to have some "Sam time". We couldn't even say her name out loud, we had to spell it. I swear, Sam lost his mind every time she came to get him. Everyone who met Sam fell in love with him. How could you not. He was just a special dog but I wouldn't expect anything less from the labrador family. I have to say how surprised I was by seeing the comments on here. People sharing their stories of difficult choices and sad times is comforting to know we were not alone. Thank you to everyone who made me feel a part of a special community of dog lovers.