Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get to know Sam Part 2

So January of 2001 we headed out of ND to MI. I was driving my car with the cat in the passenger seat. My husband was driving his truck with Sam by his side. My husband absolutely got the better end of that deal. It seemed to take forever to get to our new home but we made it. We had moved from a farm house out in the country to a 2 bedroom apartment in the city. Luckily the only saving grace as far as Sam was concerned was the soccer field next to us. Many days and evenings were spent out there playing ball and meeting new friends. Sam had a female chocolate lab named Mallie that he played with. There was also a basset hound name Sampson that loved to run in and around Sam's legs! They were so fun to watch together.

We stayed at the apartment for about a year and then finally found a house with a yard!! It was our beginner house. It was small but perfect for us. The lot was big enough so we could really throw the golf ball for Sam and he'd get some good exercise.

In February of 2003, our world was turned upside down by the arrival of our twin daughters. I have to share that during my short pregnancy I had gained quite a bit of weight so in turn Sam did too. At that time he was a whoppng 100 lbs!! As the girls stayed longer in the hospital we decided to start bringing some of their blankets and clothes home from the hospital for Sam to smell. We had heard that was one way of preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby(ies) to the house. I truly believe that helped him adjust to the girls disrupting his world. All of sudden we didn't have time to throw the ball for him like we used to. He wasn't getting his walks like he was used to getting. With everything going on though, he was such a good dog. Our living room was very small. With the girls lying on the floor in the middle, it didn't leave much room for him. Sam was very good about "tip-toeing" around them though. Not once did that dog even come close to stepping on any part of the babies. Of course with a blanket on the floor he interpreted that as his bed. Needless to say, he knew his boundaries whenever the girls were on the floor. That still didn't stop him from getting a corner of the blanket they were on!

We were only in MI another year and a half when we decided to move to CA. Again I am not sure why or how is happened, but once again we moved in the winter time. So in January of 2005 we loaded up the van with one dog, one cat, two babies, and us with luggage on top. We drove through snow, ice, sleet, rain, and then finally clear skies. We stopped as often as we could for everyone to stretch their legs. Sam had his space in the back of the van. I think he had the best spot out of all of us!

To Be Continued....

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