Monday, February 15, 2010

A good day...

So today, like the past few days, my husband has taken Sam for his walk. We have cut down from 2 walks a day to one. I know Sam would love to go for that second walk but I almost feel like we are adding days to his life by keeping him steady at home at night. Yesterday Sam was pretty tired after only going around a couple of blocks. Today he did a lot better.

Earlier when I got home from shopping Sam was scratching at the front door and wagging his tail. I kept telling him, no, you go out back and get busy (code for going to the bathroom). He was relentless so I gave in and let him out. Of course, the second he steps out there is a big german shephard walking by. Sam took off after him and the guy with the shepard just stood there. I am sure he figured a dog in a cast is harmless. So the dogs did their thing, Sam was happy to have another dog to sniff. The shepard left, Sam peed and all was right in the world again. He went back inside and laid down for a nap.

My husband, the girls and I were playing cards after dinner and Sam got a few toys out of his basket. I love it when he does this because it tells me that no matter what is going on with him physically, mentally he is still a puppy. He gets his, what we call, the bear carcass, a stuffed bear that no longer has the stuffing. He also has a monkey carcass. Sam kept putting this wet, dirty toy on my lap so I played tug with him. Finally he laid down and pulled more stuffing out that I hadn't realized was there. I swear that dog was smiling.

Sam has no idea that we have company coming tomorrow. My mother in law will be here for a week. I know Sam will just love having someone new to sniff and follow around.

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