Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not a good night

About 4am this morning Sam came in to our bedroom whining off and on. I could tell that he was walking around from one side of our bed to the other. However, he was still whining. It's not abnormal for him to have to go outside early in the morning but that is a different whine. So about 5am I got up to see what was up. I kept asking him if he had to go out and get busy. He wouldn't get up but kept whining. I went to go get him some pain medication, tramadol with some ham. He took that no problem. Finally my husband convinced him to get up and go out to the bathroom. We quickly realized he wasn't putting any weight on his right front leg. His cast is on his back right leg. Which it didn't seem he was putting much weight on either. Sam walked very gingerly down the hallway. I went out with him to make sure he could get back in. He walked in just as cautiously as he had walked out. Finally I offerred him some breakfast and I was encouraged when he got up to come to the closet where I keep his food. However, when I put his food in his bowl he wouldn't eat. So that of course, has worried me. I have to say that this whole time when he sees me or my husband he wags his tail.

I have a field trip with my daughters this morning and my husband has meetings all morning. I am not sure what I am going to do. I know I should call the vet but I know they are going to just tell me to bring him in. Right now my husband is making his lunch and that always sparks Sam's interest. He just tried to get up and go over but quickly realized he couldn't make it. So he is now back by my side. I am hoping the pain meds kick in soon. Honestly, I am not optimistic about this at all. I know I can't bring him into the vet alone. Physically I can't lift him and also emotionally I won't be able to handle it and I am positive my husband would want to be there. I will keep you updated.

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